Author: Peter Claffey First published: 02-07-2015 21:05 Modified: 20-09-2016 23:05 Category: 2015 Race Reports Archive

At last night's Dublin Graded Meeting in Tallaght we had some fine performances by Club athletes. In the ladies 400m Lynne Hennessy ran 63.36, Shannon Behan 69.12 and Aisling O'Connor 69.19. In the mens 400m Lee Byrne from WSAF AC ran 53.55 and Killian O'Doherty, WSAF AC 55.46. In the ladies 3,000m Clare Sullivan ran 11.06 and Aisling O'Connor ran 12.24. In the mens 3,000m Paul Stephenson ran 8.51, Robert Murphy 9.10, Paul Fleming 9.12, Patrick Marjolet 9.15, Jonathan Hughes 9.31, Michael Freeley 9.37, Brian Furey 9.39, Jack McLoughlin 10.00, Neil Skelton 10.51, Tom Cuddy 10.53 and John McHugh 11.20. The full results are on the Dublin Athletics Board website. Well done to all who ran.

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