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BHAA  races are being well supported by Rathfarnham club members, both as administrators / organisers (Brendan, Terry, Vanessa) and as competitors.

Winter League Prizewinners: Mens Div D 1st Peter McDermott; Mens Div C 2nd Eric Cullen; Womens Div A 3rd Vanessa Sallier; Mens Div B 3rd Tom Cuddy, 8th John McHugh.

28 March: Dublin City Council 4 mile Road Race: Peter McDermott 29:14 (1st O'65), Terry Clarke 30:58.

11 April: K Club 10k Road Race: 57th John Brennnan 37:12; 190th Barry Mulvihill 42:53; 218th Vanessa Sallier 44:18; 236th Peter McDermott 45:03 (1st  O'65).

25 April: RTE 5 mile Road Race: 1st Sean Hehir 24:53; 2nd Paul Fleming 26:35; 8th Ronan Kearns 27:45; 12th Colm Murrray 28:17 (2nd O'45); 28th John Brennan 29:22 (2nd O'40); 43rd Tom Cuddy 30:35 (2nd O'55); 60th Derek Bain 31:43; 117th Peter McDermott 36:04 (1st O'65); 122nd Aisling Tohill 36:25 (3rd O'35).

20 May: ESB 5k Beach Race: 6th Colm Murray 17:22 (1st O'45); 20th Tom Cuddy 18:51 (1st O'55); 40th Derek Bain 19:55; 47th Vanessa Sallier 20:39 (1st O'40).

26 May: Government Services 5 mile Road Race: 30th Colm Murray 27:58 (2nd O'45); 45th Denis Everett 29:06 (6th O'40); 70th Tom Cuddy 29:57 (1st O'55); 105th John  McHugh 31:39 (3rd O'55); 151st Barry Mulvihill 33:21; 168th Vanessa Sallier 33:47 (3rd O'40); 208th Miriam McCormack 35:14 (3rd O'50); 360th Aisling Tohill 38.00.

10 June: Trinity Track: 1200m Grade A: 18th Tom Cuddy 4:02; 2000m Grade C: 2nd  Neil Skelton 7:08.

23 June: Irish Prison Services 5k Trail Race: 30th Tom Cuddy 19:00 (1st O'55); 48th David Danagher 19:50; 56th Donna Mahon 20:05 (1st O'40); 57th Daniel Keogh 20:07 (6th O'45); 66th Vanessa Sallier 20:30 (2nd O'40).

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