On the final day of competition, Sofia Hyland came 5th in the Girls U15 Long Jump with a best jump of 4.50m. The Girls U12 4 x 100m Relay team of Sophie Maxwell, Jodie Ritchie,  Isobel Burge and Claudia Manning narrowly missed out in a place in the final,  finishing 3rd in heat 3 in a time of 1:01:31. Well done to all of our young athletes! 

      Isabelle Doyle top of the podium in Athlone!

Dublin and the East coast woke up to a heavy snow fall on the morning of the Nationals in the AIT.  That factor didn't stop our merry band of athletes making the journey to Athlone. Great results were achieved by our young guns.....
First up was Isabelle Doyle in Under 17 Girls  Long Jump with a best jump of 5.11m, Isabelle won gold and became National Champion!
Next up was the sprinters!  Daniel Chukwu was our representative in U14 Boys 60m, Daniel 2nd 8:16 in his heat  made it through.  A quicker time in the final  of 8:09 placed Daniel in 6th place.  Girls U15 60m saw Sophia Hyland just missing out in 3rd place in a time of 8:47. Fortune Chukwu qualified to U16 Girls 60m Final, finishing 3rd 7.98 in the fastest of the three heats.  In the final, Fortune ran 7.93  to finish third and earn a well deserved bronze National medal! Fresh after her success in the Long Jump, Isabelle Doyle ran 8.01 into 2nd place and a place in the Under 17 Girls 60m Final.  A gallant showing in a highly competitive field , Isabelle came 6th in a time of 8:04.
Well done to all our athletes on their super performances,  roll on next week!


Two Fridays in a row, crammed with highly competitive team relay competition, kicked off this year's four day programme of the Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships. Rathfarnham WSAF AC was well represented with 17 relay teams across different age groups. Big success came for the Girls U12 (A) 4x100m team. Getting the baton around the Abbotstown venue in an impressive time of 59.75 earned Sophie Maxwell, Philipa Mc Glynn, Claudia Manning and Jodi Ritchie the gold medal in fine style. Other relay finalists included Girls U16 (A) 4x200m 5th place in 1:56:08, Girls U18 4x200m 4th place in 1:57:10 and Boys U13 4x100m 6th place in 59:62.

Days 3 and 4 was all about individual competition:
Track :
U9 :  500m : 3rd : Johnny Maxwell 1:48:99
U9 :  60m   : 1st : Johnny Maxwell 
U13 : 60mh : 3rd: Dara Mulvihill  
U14 : 60m  : 1st :  Daniel Chukwu  8:14
U18 :1500m : 5th: Alex Hill 4:36:75
U15 : 60m : 4th : Sofia Hyland 8:53
U16 : 60m : 2nd: Fortune Chukwu  8:08
U16 : 200m : 4th : Fortune Chukwu 27:07
U16 : 60mh : 3rd : Alannah Fasenfeld 
U16 : 60mh : 5th : Clodagh Cullen 
U17 : 60m   : 2nd : Isabelle Doyle 8:01
U17 : 200m : 2nd : Isabelle Doyle 26:01
U19 : 800m : 4th  : Aoife Murphy 2:44:29
Field Events :
U13: Long Jump : Dara Mulvihill : 3rd : 4.14m
         Shot Put    :  Dara Mulvihill : 3rd : 7.18m
U12 :Long Jump : 1st : Sophie Maxwell 4.13m
U15 : Long Jump : 2nd : Sofia Hyland  4.66m
U17 : Long Jump : 1st : Isabelle Doyle 5.27m
U18 : Long Jump : 1st  :Amy Mc Cabe 4.29m
U16 : High Jump  : 2nd : Alannah Fasenfeld 1.45m
U12 : Shot Put      : 3rd  : Sophie Maxwell 5.36m
U13 : Shot Put      : 3rd  : Zoie Ritchie 6.22m
U16 : Shot Put      : 1st  : Alannah Fasenfeld 8.48m 
U16 : Shot Put      : 2nd : Sophie Ritchie 7.84m.

Well done to all who qualified for Nationals in Athlone. To all our young athletes who wore the green vest of Rathfarnham WSAF AC with such pride and passion, well done for competing at the Dublin Championships and for those who made their debut for the club you were super. Enjoy your training, see you all at the Summer Leagues.